These are samples from my Fall semester dye class, with various assignments:

WP_20150921_003  WP_20151108_15_36_22_Pro

The orange and green are the very first fabric we dyed. Cotton fabric. The second image is all silk and we were looking for what colors were good compliments in order to find a true grey in a scale of five or seven. I ended up with seven.

InstagramCapture_3c123cf0-8cb9-46b3-9e0c-ff9dc412b3cc  InstagramCapture_d1557586-6edc-4f79-81cd-f9647b35bbd6

Above is a project in which we had to take one of our previous samples, and match a yard of fabric to that color. The first image is of the fabric in the dye back, the second image is of the final fabric. Color is slightly distorted in image. The fabric is cotton.

IMG-20151211-WA0003  InstagramCapture_7322d0aa-120f-4b5c-bf6a-14c908c39cc5

Above is a silk dying project where we had to do an ombre. The samples are on the right and the dye bath of the full yard is on the left. The image shows it’s first bath, and after I did ombre over. After this, for the final project, we had to stamp our fabric which I will post an image of soon. I created a celtic knot stamp to go around the ring of the fabric.


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Zarah Raizel Avalon is a young artist exploring a variety of artistic and performance mediums.

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