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Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire Summer 2016

I worked as a stitcher at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. These are images of some of the costumes I had a hand in making. Designs by Lily Steiner, Draper: Erika Krause    

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1780’s Corset

This is my 1780’s corset made for my Costume Production 1 class to go under my Chemise a la Rein. I am not dressed period for the pictures in order for you to be able to see the corset better. the top layer is a beetle green silk taffeta. I raised the top of the… Read more »

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Chemise A La Rein

For my Costume Production Class 1 and 2 I had to construct a 1780’s corset, underpinnings, and dress. I picked Marie Antoinette’s Chemise a la Rein dress. The corset is made of silk taffeta, the bum roll is made of cotton and filler, and the petticoat is made of bleached cotton. The dress itself is… Read more »

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Green Spiral Felt Cloche

The is a velour felt hat I made for my millinery class… I started by steaming the hat, then pulling it over a block I had shaped by putting some rope in a spiral shape. I then pinned the edges close to the rope to create a more defined shape and I let it sit… Read more »

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Mad Hatter Striped Velvet Tophat

This self crushed velvet and silk dupioni tophat was made for my millinery class. It is fit to me, a 21 1/2 inch circumference for the head. I made the pattern, the inside buckram, both cut and shaped, and the sewed the fabric and pieces together. I also added fabric covered buttons for a whimsical… Read more »

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Human Comedy Apron

This was an apron I constructed as a costume stitcher for our show at the Wimberly Theater, Human Comedy for the mother character. It is all cotton, and the purple edge was made with purple bias tape.

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Wool Rasberry Beret

  This hat I made from wool and a brocade lining so I could wear it in the winter and be warm. I also covered the button on top of making the pattern and sewing the hat. It was inspired by Dougal’s grey hat in Outlander and Prince’s Raspberry Beret. The head circumference is 21… Read more »

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Blue and Black Striped Dress

This is a 1950’s inspired dress I made for my Costume Methods sewing class at Boston University. It is made of blue and black striped silk taffeta, with a zipper and key hole on the back, and one pocket on the front. There are two covered buttons I made, and I pattern matched all the… Read more »

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Summer Dress

  I ripped the pattern for this dress off a beautiful dress I found at a thrift store. It is a heavy cotton fabric, and has hidden pockets. I love wearing it, it’s wonderful in the summer time.

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My Grey Jumper

I made this grey cotton jumper with my own pattern. I had help figuring it out with a friend, Alyssa Coppens, but I sewed the garment myself. The buttons are bronze, and the back zips up. The straps cross in the back. The design was inspired by a jumper I found online. Model: Zarah Raizel… Read more »