The is a velour felt hat I made for my millinery class… I started by steaming the hat, then pulling it over a block I had shaped by putting some rope in a spiral shape. I then pinned the edges close to the rope to create a more defined shape and I let it sit overnight to hold the shape. The next step was to shape the brim. After this, I sewed on the spiral with embroidery thread, both to hold the spiral in place and define and for aesthetic value. The last step was to add a green hat band and model my hat! I’m very proud of how this came out.

WP_20150331_16_02_37_Pro  WP_20150401_002  WP_20150401_001 WP_20150401_004  WP_20150402_003  WP_20150406_19_23_22_Pro IMG_6362   IMG_6360

Written by zarah

Zarah Raizel Avalon is a young artist exploring a variety of artistic and performance mediums.

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