The Sondheim musical, Pacific Overtures, was put on by Boston University on the Calderwood Pavilion Stage. Head Painter was Amelia Gosset. I did freshman scenic painting, props, and stitched costumes for this show.

WP_20131202_001   WP_20131202_004-1

We started by tearing tissue papers into strips and putting it on the back of the flat in order to create a texture when the light shows through the flat. We then colored the front using resists for the grid lines, and watered down paint to get the watercolor effect.

WP_20131208_006 WP_20131208_010 WP_20131208_011 WP_20131209_003 WP_20131209_005

There was a puppet necessary for the show, and I made the head for him. We started with the sculpture, then paper machete, and then painted. I also made the hat. The Props Head was Liz Panneton.

I have no pictures for the costume work; mostly I was a floating stitcher.


Written by zarah

Zarah Raizel Avalon is a young artist exploring a variety of artistic and performance mediums.

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