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Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire Summer 2016

I worked as a stitcher at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. These are images of some of the costumes I had a hand in making. Designs by Lily Steiner, Draper: Erika Krause    


Hothouse by Harold Pinter put on at the Calderwood Pavelion Director: Tim Spears Lighting Design: Grifford Williams Set Design: Baron Pugh Costume Design: Phoebe Ping Assistant Costume Design: Me! Sound Design: Aubrey Dube                     

Dye Class Fall Semester

These are samples from my Fall semester dye class, with various assignments:   The orange and green are the very first fabric we dyed. Cotton fabric. The second image is all silk and we were looking for what colors were good compliments in order to find a true grey in a scale of five or… Read more »

Midsummer Night’s Dream

This is my hypothetical design for Shakespeare’s a Midsummer Night’s Dream in my costume design class. I set it in the 1920’s America, and my fairies are set in a circus setting that has inspiration from 1920’s toys. I omitted the Mechanicals from this post because I plan to redo them as I was unhappy… Read more »

Peacock Dress

This was a rendering done in my rendering class… the assignment was to take a picture of an fancy shoe we were given, and create an outfit to go with it. The picture I was handed was of these peacock feathered boots. Done all with watercolor.

Delirium: Costume Designer

Delirium by Enda Walsh played in 210 at the Boston University Theatre Director: Jonathan Solari Costume Design: Me! Lighting Design: Kelly Martin Set Design: Fiona Kerns Sound Design: Aubrey Dube Cast Alyosha: Phillip Lawson Mitya: Aristotelis Ambatstadis Ivan: Brandon Waltz Fyodor: Nicholas Chuba Smerdyakov: Matthew Macca Katerina: Maggie McCaffrey Grushenka: Adelaide Burich      … Read more »

1780’s Corset

This is my 1780’s corset made for my Costume Production 1 class to go under my Chemise a la Rein. I am not dressed period for the pictures in order for you to be able to see the corset better. the top layer is a beetle green silk taffeta. I raised the top of the… Read more »

Chemise A La Rein

For my Costume Production Class 1 and 2 I had to construct a 1780’s corset, underpinnings, and dress. I picked Marie Antoinette’s Chemise a la Rein dress. The corset is made of silk taffeta, the bum roll is made of cotton and filler, and the petticoat is made of bleached cotton. The dress itself is… Read more »

Figure Drawing 2015

This is a collection of some of the figure drawings I did in my final figure drawing class I took at Boston University. I used different methods for each one to get a well rounded experience of the effect of each. The above drawing was done using my non-dominant hand to help move out of… Read more »

Cendrillon: Costume Design Assistant

Cendrillon Composer: Jules Massenet Librettist: Henri Caïn Conductor: William Lumpkin Stage Director: E. Loren Meeker Producer/Photo: Oshin Gregorian Scenic Design: Marthe Hoffman Costume Design: Jenna Damberger Lighting Design: Alex Fetchko I was the Costume Design Assistant through Boston University for this very large Opera and worked with the Huntington Theater company who did our builds…. Read more »

  • Circles

    This poppy was near the Bridge of Flowers in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

  • Trapped

    This flower was on the Bridge of Flowers in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. It was growing inside the fence, and was unable to bloom. Something about it was so beautiful.

  • Wonderland Steampunk Fox

    Watercolor, inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

  • Castle

    Taken in Boston, MA.

  • Opening

    Taken in Boston, MA.

  • Cars

    Taken of a driveway in my neighborhood. I liked it because I like the way it leads into the image and how well it took to black and white. Taken with a digital camera.

  • Oil Pastel Fox

    Oil pastel painting, studied from an image on my calender.

  • Pastel Kitten

    Oil Pastel portrait of my kitten, Zinc. Based off a picture I took.

  • Pink Swirls

    I cropped a picture I took of a lily to get really close. Taken with digital camera.

  • Ecstasy

    Taken with a digital camera in the Natick Mall in Massachusetts. Model: Mickey Woods.

  • Alice In Wonderland

    This was a sketch in my sketchbook of a Steampunk Alice in Wonderland. I started with the dress and based the rest of the picture off of the girl.

  • Self Collage

    Self portrait collage. Made with magazines, watercolor, and marker.

  • Darker

    Self Portrait, taken with a Digital Camera.

  • Winter Berries

    Winter in Dudley Massachusetts. Model: Hannah Brumby

  • Watercolor Flowers

    Watercolor still life.

  • Fire Hooping

    Zarah at the WildFire event fire hooping for the very first time.